Survival Tips If Your Car Gets Stuck in a Blizzard

Once again, self-defense and more importantly personal protection isn’t always about fighting, grappling, and violent conflict. Sometimes it’s just a matter of being prepared.

Getting trapped in your car during a blizzard can be a terrifying experience. But it doesn’t have to be fatal, if you stay calm and follow these survival tips:

  • Stay in your car. Unless help or shelter is clearly visible within easy walking distance, you’re safest remaining in your vehicle where it’s warm and dry.


  • Make yourself visible. Tie a brightly colored piece of cloth to your antenna to signal rescuers. Use your flashers, and light signal flares if you have any.


  • Bundle up. Wrap yourself up in whatever you have. Even newspaper will help you retain heat.


  • Clear your tailpipe. Make sure snow and ice aren’t blocking your tailpipe, or carbon monoxide could back up into your vehicle when you turn on the engine.


  • Run your heater sparingly. Conserve fuel by running the heater for only 10 minutes an hour. That should be sufficient to keep you warm. Crack a rear window to prevent any fumes from lingering inside when your motor is running.


  • Keep moving. Even inside your vehicle, move your arms and legs as much as you can to keep your circulation going and stay warm.


  • Fasten your seatbelt. Your car may not be moving, but if visibility outside is low, another car could rear-end you, causing injury if you’re not securely strapped in.


  • Stay awake. You’re less likely to experience hypothermia and other cold-related conditions, and you can watch for rescue.

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