Sam’s Corner #25



I love this time of year! I love the lights, I love that I get to chase birdies, and I love SNOW!

But if you have dogs, you need know that there are a lot of holiday decorations that can dangerous for us.

– Poinsettias are pretty, but they can be poisonous to us (and to little kids too!)

– If you have a real tree, some dogs will drink some of the tree water when they get thirsty. That’s bad. The pine oil we might drink with the water can make us really sick.

– Tinsel and tree ornaments can sometimes be tempting for house pets too. When my daddy was a veterinary assistant 175 years ago, he helped remove a whole envelope full of tinsel out of the belly of a cat! (But then again, cats aren’t that smart.)

So enjoy the season! Just keep your pets safe, and give them a nice big bone as a gift. And if you don’t have  a dog at home, that’s ok. You can bring me one… just don’t tell my dad.


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