Totally Useless Facts from Mr. Penny #1

Did you know that Mr. Penny is a veritable fountain of useless information? It’s true, not a single Jeopardy-worthy bit of information has been in him since he swept the category of "Organic Chemistry" from an armchair back in '94.
 We thought we would share some of those useless-but-possibly-interesting tidbits here.
Did You Know: Right and Left Handedness
 Lobsters: Did you know that you can tell if a Lobster is right or left-handed? It’s true! Lobsters have a “crusher claw” and a “pincer claw”. The “crusher claw” is the bigger more powerful claw, but their “pincer claw” is smaller, more streamlined, and more coordinated. 
 Lobsters use their “crusher claw” to hold and break open other crustaceans and their “pincer claw” to pick apart the flesh and feed themselves.  
 So if you see a Lobster whose left claw is the smaller more streamlined claw, they’re left-handed! 
 Polar Bears: Did you know all Polar Bears are Left-handed? It’s true! I don’t know how they figured this out, but I read it on a Quaker Oats oatmeal packet when I was 12, so it must be true!

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