Sam’s Corner #26

“A tired dog is a good dog.” That’s what my daddy always says. Many people see me, and even the “little blonde tornado”,  and they think we’re such good little dogs for being so well behaved around the kids at the academy.

I am a wonderful and calm dog. But Raylan mostly behaves because my daddy makes sure she burns a lot of energy before she comes to the school.

Many people see us at the school and think “They’re great dogs, maybe I should get a dog like them!”

But you need to know Raylan and I are “Labs”, Labrador Retrievers. Labs are a working dog, and like many other working dogs, Labs can be high energy. 

My daddy says “If you have a working dog, you need to give them a job to do. If you don’t, they will FIND a job to do, and it won’t be a job you like.”

My grandma had a Lab named Misty. Misty would get bored and  dig a bunch of holes in the yard. Me? I’ve only dug one hole… but that groundhog was teasing me!

Anyway… should you get a dog? Probably. But if you want a working dog, make sure you exercise and tire them out regularly. They behave better that way. My daddy says kids are the same way. So you might want to bring your kid to the morning classes while you can, so they behave like us the rest of the day!

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