Going Out of Town? Call the Cops!

Did you know most of the small police departments in our area will check on your house while you are out of town?  Many of the smaller departments like Perrysburg City, Perrysburg Township, Lake Township, Maumee, and Rossford all offer “House Checks” for their residents.

Simply call the non-emergency number for your police department (easily found on Google if you’re not sure) and say that you’d like to request a “House Check” while your family is gone on vacation. The department will, when call volume allows, send officers by to check on your home and they will often even check to make sure all windows and doors are not tampered with. This can be especially nice as they most often have available time in the middle of the night, when many break-ins occur.

When you call, just be ready to answer the following questions:

· Your name and address?

· When will you be leaving and returning?

· Is there an alarm system in place?

· Are there lights on timers?

· Will there be any pets in the home?

· Will any cars be out in the driveway? (If so, what are the make/model, colors, and license plates of those vehicles.)

· Does anyone else have a key to the house

· Will anyone else be checking on, or stopping by the house? (and if so, make/model, color, license plate of their vehicle)

They may also request a contact number for anyone who might be in town and have a key if something should occur at the house. Also, if any of the buildings are already damaged in a way that could look like a break-in, you may want to let them know. I recently had to be out of town shortly after a bird flew into a garage side-door and broke the glass. If I hadn’t told them to expect that, they would have contacted me about a suspected break in.

Finally, make sure you actually LOCK YOUR DOORS! You would be surprised how many house checks I’ve done as a police officer, and the family left their home unlocked (leaving me to contact families on vacation to make sure they knew their homes were unlocked, and confirm they hadn’t been burglarized!)

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