Sam’s Corner #27

When I was just 7 years old, my daddy was trying to teach me new things. One thing he was trying to teach me, was using my nose to find things that were hidden real good. Like birdies. Some of them are really tough to find! The problem I was having was I wanted to use my eyes a lot, so if I couldn’t see it, I couldn’t find it. It was only after I had real trouble finding something that I would use my nose. Although sometimes figuring out what I was smelling was hard, and figuring out where it’s hiding is even tougher. I eventually got really good at it!

I once found something hidden in water, under a layer of ice!

But now that Raylan is at the age where she needs to learn to find things. I see a problem. Raylan likes to use her eyes to find things too. But when she can’t see it, and she can’t find it, she doesn’t use her nose. When Raylan can’t find something, she just watches me. She knows I will find it. So she chases me around excited that at any moment I’ll find what she’s looking for.

As Raylan’s big sister, I like to do things with her, and I even like to find things for her. But I also know, if I always do it for her, she will never learn to do it on her own. So, sometimes I have to sit patiently while Raylan struggles to find something, even though she’s not very good at it, and even though it takes longer for her to do it… even though it’s easier for me to do it myself. I have to sit and let her struggle, so she can learn to do it herself.

It seems like kids are like that too. In the 63 years I’ve been at the karate school I see kids at all belt levels. They try, they struggle, they’re not very good at first. But because they’re doing it on their own, if they’re given time, they eventually get good at it!

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