The Achilles heel of your door.

When it comes to home security. Your front door is an obvious point of importance that needs some attention. A weak door may be too easily kicked in, allowing someone entry into your home quickly. Most families reading this probably have a relatively strong door, but it may not be a secure door. The reason for this has to do with how your door was installed. Many doors are installed with 1/2” screws (sometimes even smaller!) to install the plate. The plate is the part that catches your door’s latch so it stays closed in place.

The problem comes when someone tries to kick in your door. Although there is a lot of stress put on the door itself, which usually takes the hit pretty well, there is a lot of stress on the plate as well. If short screws were used to install the plate, those short screws will tear away from the wood, the plate gives way, and the door is forced inward with no solid latch to hold on to.

Having kicked in a few doors before (they were all for good and legal reasons, I swear!), it’s common to see the latch break away but the door itself is still well intact. So what do you do?

If you’re not certain of the screws used to install the plate in your door, remove one.  If it’s a short screw, replace them with 3-4” screws. These larger screws will not just hold the latch in place, it will anchor that latch well into the door frame and hold much stronger. On one door that used this method, I actually put my foot through the door, but the latch still held!

If you have questions, or don’t understand any part of this process, see me at the academy and I’ll show you how it’s done. It’s an easy process that every family should do to ensure their family’s safety. ~Jon Penny

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