Totally Useless Facts from Mr. Penny #4

Seeing that Mr. Penny is full of completely useless information, we thought we would share some useless-but-possibly-interesting tidbits here.
Did You Know: Police Tires
 You may know that police cruisers, whether they be Cars, SUV’s, Trucks, or Crossovers, have various modifications to them.  As Elwood Blues described his “Blues-mobile” (‘74 Dodge Monaco) in the famous Blue Brothers movie “It’s got a cop motor, cops suspension, cop shocks.” He’s simplifying it, but in truth all of these things are real modifications that make the vehicle more police/pursuit oriented in emergency situations. (So please don’t try to do with your car what you see cops do with theirs!)  But there are also “Cop Tires!”
 Specifically, police cruisers use what are called “Pursuit Rated Tires.” They’re more expensive, and at times they don’t last as long; however, there are engineering differences in these tires that make them better suited to police pursuit duty. One in particular, they grip the road better at higher speeds. (That’s why, although I honestly don’t drive fast on duty, I still feel like a race car driver!)  Sometimes even the name on the sidewall is shared with other tires that are known to be only mediocre, but the police tires are very different under the skin. 
 Lastly, sometimes these tires make a vehicle look odd. If you look at Police SUV’s (like the above Chevy Tahoe) most people notice all the lights and gear on top of the SUV. But if you look closely you notice pursuit rated tires and equipment on an SUV often cause it to ride lower to the ground.

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