Sam’s Corner #28

If you’re like me, you may have stopped doing certain healthy activities over the summer.

I wasn’t running as much, there weren’t any birdies to chase (although I did find a groundhog to chase a little, that was fun) and even my daddy wasn’t training me as much.

To be honest, I put on a little extra weight and the Doggie Doctor said I needed to lose almost 10 pounds! My daddy put me on a diet… I’m still not happy about it.

But now that the little ones are back to school this is the BEST time to start up a healthy schedule again!

My daddy started the  Blond Pest and me on a training schedule again. I’m eating better; and you might have noticed I’ve lost a few pounds!

So if you are like me, and you need to get back on a healthy schedule, now is the time! If you don’t really have an activity to get you healthy, like chasing birds, you should try out a class with Mr. Stanford. He’s really good at helping people get healthy!

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