Criminal Tactics in a Home Invasion.

Last month I described how to make your front door significantly stronger. This month I wanted to describe two common criminal tactics as they relate to your home and its doors.

A proper front door can be a very strong point of defense for you and your family.  And many criminals know this.  But it is still common for a potential criminal to approach your front door.  There are two tactics you should be aware of.

One common tactic is simply for a criminal to approach the front door and ring a doorbell or knock. If they get no response, they may decide that home is a good target. Most criminals in the U.S. try to avoid breaking into homes while the homeowner is there; what we call a “Hot Burglary.”

The second tactic is more dangerous. This strategy is for the criminal to approach the front door and knock/ring the doorbell to get the homeowners attention. While the homeowner is addressing the stranger at the front door, a second criminal attempts to make entry via a back door or window. Many home have a back door of some sort that is not as strong as the front door, and a criminal can attempt to breach this door while the homeowner is distracted.

So if you ever find yourself in the situation where someone is at your front door, and you have a bad feeling that it may be a potential criminal, make sure you’re aware of what’s going on at the back of the house.  Better yet, maybe create a plan as to how you would handle such a situation BEFORE it possibly happens.

If you need assistance coming up with ideas how to handle such a situation, contact me, I’m happy to help.

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