Here Comes the Fall! (And a LOT of activity)

So in just looking back at the last month, I taught Baton/Impact Weapons to police cadets at Owens College, critical injury first aid to police officers, safety measures to a neighborhood watch, tourniquets and bleeding control to Wood County Auxiliary and Explorers, and ran the firearms program for my own department, Lake Township. And coming up in October I am starting a new police academy cadet class and running a night shoot for my department. I’ll also be teaching seminars for Wood County Board of Developmental Disabilities, Elmwood Schools, Women’s Self-Defense, and Basic Pistol/Concealed Carry. I’ll also be training at the Ohio Peace Officer’s Training Academy; I’m taking the Duty Knife Instructor’s course. (Funny enough, I helped WRITE the manual a couple years ago, but I’ve yet to take the course!)  Oh, and I’ll also be working at the Applebutter Festival in Whitehouse Ohio.

I don’t say all of this to brag in any way. I actually am writing this as a way of apology, explaining why I am sometimes very divided in my attention during any given week, and I don’t always get to follow up and return e-mails and messages in as timely a fashion as I’d like. But there is hope! Besides me, there are great staff here eager to answer questions and help in any way possible. But there are a few other valuable resources you should be aware of too.

Facebook (search Jon Penny’s Black Belt Academy): Although Facebook messages are the worst way to reach out to us as I sometimes go many days without checking it, there are often announcement, events, and calendars posted there.

Instagram (@jpblackbelt): Ok, there aren’t often a lot of great informational posts there. But there are great pictures of the classes, students, and the girls (Sam & Raylan).  Ok… it’s mostly pics of Sam & Raylan, but it’s still fun to check us out on Instagram.

Our Academy Web Page ( This is our super-secret web page that is intentionally hidden from non-students. Here you will find the calendar, printable schedules and permission slips, and even a blog! If you haven’t yet checked out this page, you should definitely give it a look.

I hope this helps! By all means, when in doubt you are welcome to call us. But I’ll try to keep the above sites updated for times when I myself am a little distracted.

I hope you have a great October!

~Jon Penny

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