Lessons for October by Mr. Stanford

 Below are the lessons that will be covered in class. Use these descriptions as a guide for reminding your child to practice at home what they’re working on at the academy.

 White, Yellow, & Orange Belts: Self-Discipline
Self-Discipline is doing what you’re supposed to do without being told. Self-Discipline also encompasses NOT doing what you know you’re not supposed to do, and doing something the first time you’ve been asked. (Additionally, there is the Self-Discipline homework sheets that can serve as an excellent reminder. See an instructor if you’re not familiar with the homework assignments.)
 Purple Belt & Above: Self-Control/Anger Management
A specific aspect of Self-Discipline is being able to control yourself and stop yourself from doing things that you’re not supposed to do. This can be especially difficult when we are angry or upset. Students will learn why self-control is so important and will learn different ways to better control themselves.
Leadership: Students will continue their practice with Public Speaking, learning different ways to appear and become a more confident speaker.

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