Lessons for November

Below are the lessons we're covering in class for the month of November. If your child is not one of our students, and you would like them to learn these same great, life-changing lessons, visit us at www.jpblackbelt.com 

White, Yellow, & Orange Belts: Respect

Respect means to treat others the way you want to be treated, or simply to be nice and kind to others. If you show respect to others, they are much more likely to have and show respect for you in return, which is important for family relationships, friendships, and getting along with others at school or work. (Additionally, there are the Respect homework sheets that can serve as an excellent reminder. See an instructor if you’re not familiar with the homework assignments.)

Purple Belt & Above: Honesty/Integrity

Honesty means to be truthful to others, while Integrity is being honest with yourself and doing what you believe is right. People who are honest and have integrity can be trusted by others and relied on to keep promises and to not lie, cheat, or steal. It can be hard to be honest when you’ve made a mistake, and it can be hard to show integrity in difficult situations, but people will have much more respect for you if you’re able to do so.

Leadership: Students will continue their practice with Public Speaking, learning different ways to appear and become a more confident speaker.

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