Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays!

As always, we have a lot going on (but you already knew that, didn’t you?!) There are a few things I wanted to draw your attention to:

· We will of course be closed a fair amount over the holidays. I know a lot of training facilities close down for  both weeks, but I just can’t do it! We love seeing everyone! But please, keep an eye on the calendar so you don’t accidentally show up on a day we’re closed! If you misplace your calendar from this newsletter, you can usually keep up to date on everything at the academy by checking out our facebook page, or the calendar posted at http://www.jpblackbeltacademy.com

· We have a pretty cool adult training workshop coming up Saturday January 4th. Originally, I was going to title it as a “Krav Workshop” like we did in December a year ago, but then I realized nothing we are doing in this seminar is Krav Maga specific! We will be working on basic grappling and the basics of using and defending weapons on the ground. This seminar is free to all active students over the age of 15.

· We will have a self-defense seminar on Saturday, January 25th.  This seminar will be open to both men and women. We will spend some time on lecture/self-defense education, a Q&A section, and then we will do some basic self-defense training. We will also incorporate the use of a “tactical” flashlight in self-defense. I’ve been asked a few times to cover this material, and I wrote about it in this newsletter, so it seemed like good timing! There are two reasons why you may be interested in this seminar.

1)  If you or any of your friends want self-defense training, but aren’t willing or able to train regularly, this will be the perfect introduction on self-defense and personal protection for everyday folks, and it’s FREE!

2) Even if you are an adult student, we will be spending the first half of the seminar discussing topics related to awareness, avoidance, and preventive strategies that we don’t often get to discuss thoroughly in the classroom setting. So this will be a great time to get some fully immersive instruction on all the strategies we should employ BEFORE we resort to physical self-defense. The use of the tactical flashlight will also be information not often covered in class,  so this will be a great introduction to that tool as well.

I hope you have a GREAT holiday season!  Take care, and be safe
~Jon Penny

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