Sam’s Corner #31

So recently the little blonde tornado is getting scared at times. The funny thing is she’s doing to herself!

Many of you have seen Raylan leave the office and come sprinting out to the groups of people watching class. She’s eager to say hello, eager to meet new people, eager to…well, she’s eager to do just about anything.

She is just as eager and excited as home too. And that’s where the problem has just recently started. The kitchen floor at home can be slippery to our paws. So when Raylan runs fast into the kitchen, and she pretty much runs fast everywhere, she slips a little. She doesn’t fall down, but her paws slip. The next problem is when her paws slide on the floor she gets a little scared and wants to run out of the room faster, so her paws slip and slide even more! Then Raylan gets even more scared!

It’s happened enough times that now Raylan is nervous about walking on slippery kitchen floors. She doesn’t even realize she’s made it much worse than it really is.

Me, because I’m older and I don’t really run unless I’m chasing something, I can walk all over the kitchen floor and be fine. I don’t slip at all.  It really is no big deal.

A lot of people act this way too. They expect the worst of a situation and they make themselves nervous about it. Then as soon as they have to try that thing, that fear and nervousness makes it all worse. Then things don’t go well so then they’re even more afraid of it!

Take some advice from a 70 year old. Don’t let your own fear and nervousness make a situation worse. You can handle things calmly… Unless it’s the vacuum, that thing is terrifying.

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