March 2020 Academy Update

This is going to get crazy.

So March wins the prize for the busiest month in recent memory, and that’s saying something!  Coming up this month we will have Ninja Night (Friday, March 6th) and Black Belt testing (Stage I, Saturday the 7th).  We have two after school programs getting started. We will also have 2 instructors going out of town for a week of training. I will be teaching for 3 different police academies and at least a dozen different law enforcement agencies. We will also have programs for a church, boy scouts, and St. Rose. We’ll be teaching everything from self-defense to confidence and basic CPR to treating gunshot wounds on the street. There is not a single day where we have instructors teaching ONLY in our building. In fact there will be some days we have staff teaching at four different locations! In other words, it’s going to be a bit nuts here at the academy.

Why do I mention all of this? Well because you’re undoubtedly going to see the staff running around like a bunch of busy bees most every day this month. But I don’t want you to think that means we don’t have time for you! If you need help or have questions, you will see us hustling, but that doesn’t mean you can’t stop us and ask. In fact PLEASE let us know what you need. If you want to reach out via phone you can of course call us. E-mail works great too, you can reach me at or Mr. Stanford at jeff You will see us post regular updates on our Facebook and Instagram pages, but messaging us there is not a good idea for urgent matters. My nifty phone allows me to post on multiple sites without actually signing in to each social media site. So I may go days or weeks without seeing Facebook messages. 

We’re excited for everything that’s going on in March, but don’t let that make you feel left out. We are here for you. Together we can survive what will be the busiest month in recent memory… “busiest month,” at least until April arrives! Take care, be safe …and maybe pray for me. Haha!

~Jon Penny

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