Sam’s Corner #32

You may have noticed that the little blonde one and I are very different at times. She’s very young and full of energy and enthusiasm, and I’m full of wisdom and gentle affection. There’s one other area we’re different too.

You may notice from time to time that I’m around the karate school visiting people and greeting them at the door, but Raylan is nowhere to be found. When this happens it’s usually because she has decided to take some time away from people and relax.

You see even though she is very much a “people puppy” she still needs some time to herself. It’s not that she doesn’t like people, it’s just that she knows she needs to be alone at times too. After a long day at the school, sometimes she likes to go off by herself and lay down at home too. I actually think she goes into the guest room and lays on the bed there, which is a no-no, but I’m not gonna tell daddy.

I bet many of you are like that too. You can like people, and even love your family, but you still need to take some time away for yourself, and that’s ok!

For my mommy she likes to visit her horse Quincy at the barn. My daddy likes to take me on long walks in the woods.

So whatever it is you like to do to relax and have some “me time,” make sure you do it! Otherwise you get grumpy like the neighbors cat, and then no one wants to be around you anyway.

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