Family Safety

Family Safety

Sometimes it’s the simple things that can be the most important in an emergency, but at the same time they can easily get overlooked.  I feel confident that I can say, on behalf of police officers, paramedics, and even firemen:

Put address numbers on your house!

As a police officer I know this is overlooked by many because I’ve seen it cause problems when I’m trying to find a home in a serious emergency, when seconds count. Yes, numbers on mailboxes are helpful, but there are a lot of streets where the boxes are all on one side of the road, or they’re crammed close together. Both make distinguishing which box goes with which home difficult, or at least hard to do quickly under stress. Yes, painted curb numbers are good, unless the paint is faded or someone parks in front of them.  Green reflective address signs are great, especially when put somewhere first responders can easily tell which house they go with.  Large address numbers on the house are excellent too, just make sure you can make them out from the road at night.

So this month, take a moment and look at your home and pretend you’ve never been there before, could you find the address easily? At night? If the answer is “no,” fix that. Please.

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