Sam’s Corner #34

My daddy says that we will be able to see people again soon! I’m so excited to see all of you. I really don’t know how you can get by without being able to pet me on a regular basis. That must be terrible!

Although I am really happy to see everyone again, I still want to make sure I keep spending time outside. I love being out in the fresh air, running around in the grass, and swimming in creeks and ponds.

You may not like swimming in creeks and ponds like me, I know my daddy doesn’t join me…usually. But you still need to make sure that once we can see each other again, you still make sure to spend some time outside.

You should also still make time for family. Just because we’ve been stuck inside with each other for so long doesn’t mean we should forget the most important people in our lives. Daddy knows I’m getting sick of Raylan at times, but I know I still love her. She’s my sister and I know she will still need me even when I can finally go out and see all of you.

So although I’m excited to see all of you, and I know you’re very excited to see me, don’t forget to spend some time outside and with those who are still important to you. Even if they are a crazy, hyper, blonde tornado.

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