We’re Back!…. Sort of.

So as I write this things are slowly starting back up again. Of course we’re chomping at the bit to once again do what we love. But we, like everyone else, want to do so safely.  So here’s  a brief message from Mr. Stanford to outline where we’re starting.

 If you have been an active member with our karate classes, then I hope you’ve heard from us recently about our upcoming belt test. Students who have remained active with our “Spring Break Training” are able to test for a new belt or stripe the week of May 4th. We are calling all families to set up a time to come in to the academy for a private test, where only one family will be allowed in at a time and we will maintain social distancing rules. As a precaution we will also be wearing masks and would appreciate it if the students do so as well. Families who are not comfortable doing that will be able to schedule an online test through Zoom (or something similar). If you did not receive my email or a phone call, and you have questions about testing, please email me as soon as possible at jeff@jpblackbelt.com, and I can make sure you receive that email and get all of the details about what is required for testing.

Be safe, and we can’t wait to see you!

~Mr. Stanford

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