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It’s been great having everyone at the academy! I’ve been so excited to get back to seeing everyone in class and getting back on a teaching routine of sorts. I even got back to training police officers at Owens! Of course there are still some events and seminars that are up in the air, so I thought I’d give an update on what we have going on here at the academy.

Belt Graduation: Although we will still run our belt testing as usual in August, it still seems unlikely that the Maumee Indoor Theater (or current state guidelines) will allow us to have our belt graduation on August 8th. Of course students will still receive their belts, but it doesn’t seem likely there will be an event tied to graduation.

Family Picnic: Although we have reserved the Woodland park shelter for a family picnic on Saturday, August 29th, we are not yet certain if we can or should run the family picnic as scheduled. We will keep everyone posted, but won’t likely make the decision until a few weeks before the date.

Free Family Training: Most years we allow the moms of karate students to train for free in May in honor of Mother’s Day, and in June, we do the same for dads and Father’s Day. Sometimes, we even allow siblings to train for free in April (siblings month.) This year, since we didn’t have much of a chance for those events, we will be allowing family members to train for 2 weeks free during the summer (karate or krav maga). See an instructor for details and we can get you set up to try a class!

Basic Pistol/Concealed Carry class: I will be teaching a Basic Pistol/Concealed Carry class on Sunday, July 26th. Details are available at the academy or by contacting me directly:

All things considered, I hope you’re having a great summer, and we’re happy you’re with us! Take care, be safe.

~Jon Penny

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