Repeatedly Voted “One of the Top 50 Schools in North America,” the Black Belt Academy offers training in Martial Arts and Self-Defense for students age 4 and up.

While our Kids classes do teach excellent martial arts and self-defense skills, the program’s real focus is on simultaneously developing “Life Skills” such as Confidence, Focus, and Self-Discipline. We’ve been so effective at helping students develop, we’re the only school in Northwest Ohio that has been at the same location for 20 years! We also offer the same martial arts program to adults and families.

Our Krav Maga program is a separate, non-traditional program (only for those Age 15 and up) which focuses on preparing someone for self-defense as quickly as possible, while simultaneously working to get them in “fighting shape.” It is the first choice for adults who want self-defense, fitness, or fight training, without the traditional martial arts components (uniforms, belt, bare feet, etc.) Krav Maga is world renowned for its’ street effectiveness and as such it is the self-defense system of choice for  over 1,000 law enforcement agencies nationwide and hundreds of military units.

The Black Belt Academy is the only licensed Krav Maga program in Northwest Ohio with our Lead Instructor Jon Penny simultaneously being the Lead Instructor for several local police academies, law enforcement programs, and he travels across the country training police instructors in the Krav Maga system.

For more information on our programs you may visit or give us a call at (419) 872-7599

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