The Rest Is History

This is the time of year we dream big, vow to make changes, create goals, and promise to transform into a new and improved version of ourselves. Then we allow life and other responsibilities, naysayers, doubt, and fear to veer us of course. At times when you’re feeling frustrated by lack of progress, or the

Where the Magic Is Hiding

A woman visited a fortuneteller to find out if her future would be successful, but instead of answering any of the questions, the fortuneteller gave the woman a box. She explained that it was a magic box that had the power to make dreams come true. She handed the woman a notepad and told the

Lessons for the Month of October by Jeff Stanford

Below are the lessons that will be covered in class. Use these descriptions as a guide for reminding your child to practice at home what they’re working on at the academy. White, Yellow, & Orange Belts: Self-Discipline Self-Discipline is doing what you’re supposed to do without being told. Self-Discipline also encompasses NOT doing what you

An Able Mariner

Many years ago, businessman Rene Henry invited a friend and their dates out for an afternoon on his sailboat on Santa Monica Bay. The good times quickly soured when a thick blanket of fog appeared late in the afternoon, making visibility nonexistent. For Henry, who raced his boat every Wednesday and sailed 12 months out

Don’t Give Up Your Resolutions Yet!

Resolutions come easy in December, but by now, most resolutions have been forgotten, are a mess, or have been given up on entirely. No, I’m not here to make you feel bad about it! I’m here to share some of the things I personally do to try to keep myself on track (sometimes I do

Fun Tips for Family Life

All parents want to make sure their kids get the best possible start in life, and the good news is there are a number of fun, effective and easy activities that can be done to help children stimulate their brain growth and to build attachments. Music can play an important role in the intellectual, emotional

You can Be Angry, or You Can Perform

I mention elsewhere in this newsletter about the trip Rachel and I did out west. I talk a little about our Montana time, and the hike we did while there. The truth is there’s a lot more to that story. I lovingly refer to that trip as the Hike from Hades (not the actual word

Disconnecting from Social Media

Social media can sometimes be a double-edged sword that offers as many drawbacks as it does benefits. Many people wanting to stay connected end up being a little too captivated by it, and social media can even become something close to an addiction when people spend too much time on it, often aimlessly and repeatedly.

I Love it When People Are Shameless

As I write this, we have just recently finished our May Belt Graduation. I must say I have been blown away! Although there are a few things we have learned and need to fix for the next Belt Graduation, overall I couldn’t be happier! Specifically, months ago we were trying to figure out how to