Sam’s Corner #32

You may have noticed that the little blonde one and I are very different at times. She’s very young and full of energy and enthusiasm, and I’m full of wisdom and gentle affection. There’s one other area we’re different too. You may notice from time to time that I’m around the karate school visiting people

Sam’s Corner #31

So recently the little blonde tornado is getting scared at times. The funny thing is she’s doing to herself! Many of you have seen Raylan leave the office and come sprinting out to the groups of people watching class. She’s eager to say hello, eager to meet new people, eager to…well, she’s eager to do

Sam’s Corner #30

I’m coming up on my 70th birthday.  So you might say I’m an old dog. But that doesn’t mean I can’t learn a new trick! Because I can’t jump as high as I used to, sometimes it can be hard for me to get in my daddy’s truck. It’s taller than me! That’s a big

Sam’s Corner #29

  These last two years I’ve spent a lot of time showing Raylan how she’s supposed to behave. I’ve shown Raylan how to chase birdies. How to play nicely. How to use her nose to find things. How to act calm around the little kids. I’ve even shown her how to go to daddy’s office

Sam’s Corner #26

“A tired dog is a good dog.” That’s what my daddy always says. Many people see me, and even the “little blonde tornado”,  and they think we’re such good little dogs for being so well behaved around the kids at the academy. I am a wonderful and calm dog. But Raylan mostly behaves because my