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Repeatedly Voted "One of the Top 50 Schools in North America," the Black Belt Academy offers training in Martial Arts and Self-Defense for students age 4 and up.

Kids classes focus on developing "Life Skills" such as Confidence, Focus, and Self-Discipline. -- Training for Men, Women, and Law Enforcement concentrates on Self-Defense and Physical Fitness. -- Additionally The Black Belt Academy is the only licensed Krav Maga program in Northwest Ohio.

Lessons for Kids

Lessons for Kids

Life Skills currently being taught in the Kid's classes.

Lessons for Kids

Stay safe when heading abroad

These days, traveling to a foreign country can seem more like a journey into danger than a fun-filled adventure. Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, minimize your risk of becoming a victim of crime or terrorism when you’re abroad: • Keep your nationality off the radar. Display a neutral image. Don’t flaunt flag emblems

The Hungry Thief

Joe and Sam went into a bakery. When the cashier wasn’t looking, Joe quickly slipped three doughnuts into the pocket of his jacket. “What are you doing?” Sam whispered. “You just stole those!” “So what?” Joe asked. “Nobody saw a thing.” Sam waved the cashier over. “Give me a doughnut, and I’ll show you a

Teach Children This Important Skill

We cover many excellent Life Skills here at the academy with our kids (Confidence, Focus, Self-Discipline). Here’s one you can do at home! Problem solving is a skill that’s valuable throughout your children’s lives, from school to their adult careers. You can teach your children how to tackle any problem they’re facing by sharing these

I Love it When People Are Shameless

As I write this, we have just recently finished our May Belt Graduation. I must say I have been blown away! Although there are a few things we have learned and need to fix for the next Belt Graduation, overall I couldn’t be happier! Specifically, months ago we were trying to figure out how to

Give Dad Something Special on Father’s Day

Fathers play a special role in people’s lives. Let them know that. On June 19, skip the tie and tell your dad what he means to you from the bottom of your heart. Some suggestions: • Write a letter thanking your father. Talk about all he’s done and all he means to you. Read it

Choose the Best Car Seat for Your Youngest Passengers

Safety is your No. 1 concern when driving with small children. The proper car seat is crucial. Here’s how to choose one that protects your most precious cargo: • Check the safety label. Make sure it meets or exceeds federal safety requirements for carrying children. • Be cautious about used seats. A previously owned seat

I have a confession to make

For those of you who don’t know, May 15th is Peace Officer Memorial Day. The week following that memorial day is National Police Week. In my work with law enforcement and civilians, I’ve been able to work with some really incredible teachers, instructors, and coworkers. However, one of the things I’ve noticed is that some