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Repeatedly Voted "One of the Top 50 Schools in North America," the Black Belt Academy offers training in Martial Arts and Self-Defense for students age 4 and up.

Kids classes focus on developing "Life Skills" such as Confidence, Focus, and Self-Discipline. -- Training for Men, Women, and Law Enforcement concentrates on Self-Defense and Physical Fitness. -- Additionally The Black Belt Academy is the only licensed Krav Maga program in Northwest Ohio.

Lessons for Kids

Lessons for Kids

Life Skills currently being taught in the Kid's classes.

Lessons for Kids

Would you hire these people?

Composing a job-winning résumé is important to career success. Unfortunately, some jobseekers seem to have a lot to learn, judging from these résumé errors collected on the JobMob website: • “Career break in 1999 to renovate my horse.” • “Skills: Strong Work Ethic, Attention to Detail, Team Player, Self Motivated, Attention to Detail.” • Hobbies:

God Summoned a Beast

God summoned a beast from the field and he said, “Behold man, created in my image. Therefore, adore him. You shall protect him in the wilderness, shepherd his flocks, watch over his children, accompany him wherever he may go… even into civilization. You shall be his companion, his ally, his slave” “To do these tings,”

Calling in Sick

Salary negotiations between a union and a big organization weren’t going well. The main issue was that management believed workers were abusing the sick leave policy. During one tense meeting, a manager hurled that morning’s newspaper onto the conference table. “Look at this! This employee called in sick yesterday!” The union negotiator looked and saw

A Self-Fulfilling Prohecy

A few months ago I wrote an article about one of the “Secrets” of the martial arts, the mysterious Mind/Body link. The only real “Secret” part is that very few recognize it’s a closed loop, just as the mind can motivate the body, the body can motivate the mind. This month I want to explain

Sam’s Corner 5

30 years ago, or so.. When I was a puppy, my daddy used to get me chew toys to play with. My favorite thing to do was to tear them to pieces! (My daddy didn’t mind because I was careful to leave his shoes alone.) After destroying my 4th Kong chew toy my daddy got

Become a More Active Family

Physical activity is very important for both children and adults alike, and families that are active together will all benefit. Children need at least an hour of physical activity every day, with adults requiring around two and a half hours per week. Fortunately, there are some good tips that can help your family to become

You May Need to Re-define what is normal

“Tell me your friends and I’ll tell you who you are.” “You are the company you keep.” “Whoever walks with the wise becomes wise, but the companion of fools will suffer harm.” It’s a maxim that spans thousands of years and countless cultures in one form or another. I think most of us would also

A Question Worth Asking

Last month I pointed out that many people evaluate the world around them by asking themselves questions. I further went on to explain how most people ask terrible questions when they do so. This month however, I wanted to share the one question I ask that has greatly shaped how I handle my life. A