Sam’s Corner #24

  Winter is Coming At least that’s what my daddy says. I heard a lot of people get sick during the winter. But dogs know a secret that a lot of people don’t! Most people don’t get sick because they spend time out in the cold. In the winter many people get sick because they

Sam’s Corner 16

Now that I’m approaching my 50th birthday, some may be thinking I’m becoming an “old dog” but I don’t think growing older means you can’t learn a new trick or two! Recently my daddy started playing new games with me. I had to wear a funny vest. I had to sit by his legs for

Sam’s Corner 15

It’s important to be nice to people. Not only are people nice back, it’s more fun! That’s one thing that I think dogs are better at than people. Dogs like pretty much everybody. It’s not like that with most people. But being nice helps in other ways too! Recently my daddy wanted to rent a

Sam’s Corner 12

People have been noticing that I’ve lost a little weight, and asking me how I stay so slim! (Why thanks for noticing!) The most important thing I do is eat healthy. I must admit, this is not always my decision. If it were only up to me, I would most likely be sneaking some goldfish